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Air Intake Dampers in Your Home

Basically air intake dampers are a necessary component to your home HVAC system that are designed to manage or stop the flow of air coming into your house. Conveniently, air intake dampers come in a large variety of shape and size so that they can work with any system. While not the only option, aluminum is preferred in order to resist oxidation.

Air intake dampers main function is to allow air to come into the intake vent so that your HVAC system can either cool or heat the air and circulate it throughout the house. When the system is on it will prompt the damper to open and allow air to enter.

Thermometers will tell the thermostat what the temperature is both outside and in the house. When the temperature inside the house is not at the desired temperature, the outside air damper opened and air is brought in to bring the house to the desired temperature.

To increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, you may want to employ multiple thermostats and include more air dampers throughout the system. By doing this you are sectioning your home off into multiple zones and only the zones in use need to be heated or cooled. By doing this you can save money and energy, improving the life of your system.

By using multiple zones, the intake dampers don't have to allow as much air in, which will also limit the amount of hot air coming into your home in the summer as well as cold air in the winter.

The intake vents bring in fresh air to the HVAC system, where it is then heated or cooled. Once it is brought to the desired temperature, it will then be circulated throughout the house. When the home is at the desired temperature, the air intake damper will close and keep the air outside.

Often times, an air intake damper on your home will be a butterfly damper. Basically this kind of damper will be controlled by a motor that will open and close when the system is in need of more air and the valve will open to let it in.

These kind of dampers are much like a ball valve you would find for a water hose. But instead it has blades that when opened, will allow the air to flow through. When closed the air will be kept out.

Louver dampers are also very popular for air intake. These dampers have parallel blades running across the duct with pivot shafts centralized on a frame. An arm with a motor will typically link the blades together.

Air intake dampers are usually very lightweight and can be customized to work with most systems. They are also fairly fast acting and prevent leakage very well. A lot of times these will be on the outside of the home, often for a passive air system.

Air intake dampers are a very important part of your HVAC system. If there is no managed air in the system it would have to use much more energy to adequately cool and heat the home. Because they come in all shapes and sizes, it is not a hard task to find one to work with your system.